Oh what do I do, I've got the cherry blues...

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My name is Courtney and I'm just trying to live.


I can just tell my patience will be tried to the MAX this year

Trying my best to take a deep breath and to think before I react

It’s so easy to just automatically react and to let people get a rise out of you but that usually isn’t helpful in the end

I hate it when people are WRONG, don’t listen when you try to explain in DETAIL what was wrong with what they did, but then want to get defensive like they did nothing wrong. 

Like you did something wrong once, someone pointed it out, you DIDN’T get the proper clarification or you DIDN’T read correctly what the information said before you went ahead and tried to rectify your mistake so you made the SAME mistake AGAIN, yet you’re “done”.




Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy

Drake’s realest bars.

(via savierisntmyname)

I finally put the tumblr app back on my phone so I guess I’ll be wasting more time on this website from now onnn